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  • XorLog is a log viewer using pagination. Pagination is 1 MegaBytes
  • The goal is to read big text file without loading problem. Log files can reach hundreds of MegaBytes. XorLog can help you to review them. It loads easily big log text files throug partial loading in Pages.
  • If file is updated with new data, it is displayed on screen in less than 300ms
  • The first unconventional feature is the double scrollbar.
  • The scrollbar on the right is the 'MasterScroll'. The master scroll runs through the whole file, and asks for new pages if needed
  • The scrollbar on the left is the 'SlaveScroll'. The slave scroll runs through the current page, which has been loaded
  • It is written in C# and user interface is in Winform
  • It is developped by myself, using my discipline and expertise. TDD is done in some critical parts.
  • A search feature unoptimized is available in bottom of viewer

XorLog reads files with 1 MegaBytes pagination. A 100 MB file is displayed in less than 100 miliseconds:
12:04:10,114 [DEBUG] [1] [ Presenter] - Using PageSize: 1000000 Bytes
12:04:24,317 [DEBUG] [1] [   WinMain] - Opening file: D:\prog\design_patterns\XorLog\src\XorLog\Files4Test\BigFile.txt
12:04:24,318 [DEBUG] [1] [   WinMain] - File is loaded: BigFile.txt Size: 105906219 bytes
12:04:24,407 [DEBUG] [1] [   WinMain] - PageLoaded:Current Page: Start:0, Stop:1000000, Size:1000000, NbLines:17921, RequestedOffset:0

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Read Fuctionnal Specification of XoxLog ... In French !

Below are automatic tests:


  • XoReduc is software to reduce size of jpeg files
  • It runs with Windows 7 with framework.NET 4.0
  • It is written in C# and user interface is in XAML WPF
  • The core of the reduction is done with standard .NET Framework : Graphics.DrawImage method
  • The Jpeg encoding is done using the encoder provided by: ImageCodecInfo.GetImageEncoders() method
  • You must tell the size in pixels of the maximum side. The biggest side of reduced file has this maximum side. If the width is bigger, the reduced width has the Maximum output size. If the Height is bigger the height has the Maximum output size.
  • The program takes as input a directory and reduces all *.jpg files.
  • The output is in a subdirectory called ‘Reduc’
  • Output files are not overridden. Thus you can restart the program to continue resizing without having to restart.
  • You can drag and drop subdirectories
  • Browse supdirectories
  • You souldn't print the pictures reduced by this application.

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Take Contact

TakeContact is a revolution for your relationship with your visitors. Thanks to a top of the edge technology each single visitor will become a high rewarding customer. TakeContact is able to handle up to ten millions of new customers per second, thus giving you an extraordinary advantage towards your competitors. Thanks to the incredible power and flexibility of TakeContact you will boost your Return On Investment in meetings and will let an exceptional image of your company to your visitors. Best designers of the world have been working on this smart engine to provide the best user experience as possible. Thanks to TakeContact you will get new fresh input to your emailing marketing. TakeContact is great, TakeContact is smart, so take it!

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