New product: XorLog

Big log files can be a challenge to load in FileReader like NotePad++ or UltraEdit. There are some solutions in the market like 'Large Text File Viewer'. I decided to write my own LogViewer with Pagination. It loads 100 MB file in 100 ms. Have a try on my product page

Next experience!

I recently discovered Test Driven Developpment which is an astounding clever way to manage regression testing of software. I invite you to read at my different papers on this subject !


Good Morning, I am Thierry Brémard, telecom Engineer. Mainly working on software I have incredible experiences in great companies and with excellent fellow workers. I had the opportunity to meet different environments thus I have an astounding deep knowledge of profesional french environment.
I like to share and to explain things in my way of thinking because I often have different and unique point of view. I have a good ability to analyse and to identify the root cause of problems. My solutions are often fast, correct the user point of view, but do not correct always a root cause :)
I like to speak with people, I like the fire of action and to work on incredible things with pressure and high quality management. Linked In Page